Courtney Cabell

Courtney Cabell has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Open Heart Communities since 2017. Courtney brings a passion for serving others to her work, believing in the inherent potential and right of all people to succeed educationally and economically in our community. She is driven by the gross inequities in our educational and social systems that many families face and which Open Heart helps children, families, and adults overcome. As CEO, she is responsible for strategic planning, fund development, board development, fiscal management, and program organizational development for the agency.

Cabell has more than 7 years experience in child welfare, including working for the State of Michigan as a Children's Protective Services worker.

Cabell volunteers in leadership capacities in causes important to her – specifically, advocating for underprivileged and underrepresented populations such as foster children and minorities.

Cabell earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, her Master of Science degree from Southern New Hampshire University, and her Master of Arts degree from the Michigan School of Psychology. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from the Michigan School of psychology.