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Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care Program

Open Heart currently offers a Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care Program. Our Program includes the following:

  • Serves youth between the ages of 18-21

  • Youth must have aged out of the foster care system

  • Youth must be job-ready or currently employed

  • Youth must participate in at least 80 hours of work per month

  • Youth must be in compliance with mental health services and/or all prescribed medications

  • Youth must be assigned to the YAVFC program through MDHHS

OHC provides the following:

  • Low barrier housing

  • Assists youth in becoming economically self-sufficient

  • Assists with independent living skills such as:

    • Employment referrals and/or support

    • Cooking

    • Laundry

    • Resume Writing

    • Cover Letter Writing

    • Interview Skills

    • Financial Literacy

    • Communication Skills


Youth must follow the following house rules:

  • No overnight guests

  • No engaging in sexual activity inside the home

  • No drugs or alcohol in the home

  • No fighting

  • No illegal or criminal activity

  • No firearms or weapons

  • No smoking inside the home

Residency with Open Heart Communities is meant to bridge the gap to living independently. We offer assistance in becoming economically self-sufficient by providing low barrier housing with a variety of resources for life skills and supportive services.

Please ​note ​that ​Open Heart Communities is ​a ​program. ​Living ​in ​Open Heart Communities ​is ​not ​a ​landlord/tenant arrangement ​where ​paying ​rent ​entitles ​the ​tenant ​to ​live ​there. ​It’s ​a ​program ​that ​has ​admission ​policy, discharge ​policy ​and ​requires ​cooperation ​from its ​residents. Our rules, policies, and procedures are in place to ensure client’s safety, health, and overall well-being.

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